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Cases of iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini compared with an iPhone 4S

Cases of iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini compared with an iPhone 4S

Michael Rou, reader of MacRumors has obtained a picture of the case designed for the latest iPhone 5, mini iPad and iPad 3. All these three Apple products are not due for release for some time but case manufacturing companies seem very eager for their release. The designs of all three cases disclosed on the internet are the production of Foxconn factories, world’s largest electronic parts maker.

The picture available on the internet compares all the three cases with a previous Apple product, iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 has the same dimensions as of iPhone 4S but is a little longer than 4S. It is expected that the screen of iPhone 5 is 4” diagonal. This product is due to be launched on 12th September 2012 in a media event.

Next in line is the mini iPad. Rumors are that it has a 7.85”

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screen. Mini iPad has aspect ratio and resolution of 1024 x 768 which is the same as that of iPad 2. But is differs from it on the basis of the reduced bezel surrounding the mini iPad. This product is expected to be launched in October this year.

Last of all is the iPad 3 with the biggest cover case among all and having a diagonal 9.7” screen.
Expectations have increased with the release of this picture. Let’s hope that all the three products meet the requirements of the customers.

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