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Check out these new accessories to be launched at today’s media event

Check out these new accessories to be launched at today’s media event

The iPhone 5 will be the ‘spotlight’ of today’s event. However, the event is not going to be all about the next-generation iPhone. There are some new iPods going to be launched as well. Here is some new information regarding some new accessories, brought to you via 9to5Mac.

First of all, the 9-pin dock connector which has created so much hype will be called ‘Lightning’. It’s not confirmed that this will be the final name, and would fit in with other Apple-specific ports such as Thunderbolt and FireWire.

This name also indicates the speed may be faster than the current connector. Most of the reports about the new port suggest a smaller size, nine pins packed in as opposed to thirty, and transfer speeds to and from devices supporting the new the new connector cable may be faster with the launch of USB 3.0 in MacBooks. If this happens, it would be great.

Revamped earbuds are also expected to be announced, which will be called ‘Earpods’. The retail price is expected to be the same as the current official headphone, i.e. $29. They have a slick shape. They are expected to come as standard with the new iPods and the next-generation iPhone.

A “high-profile U.S retailer” has

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been cited by 9to5Mac in adding the 5th-generation iPod shuffle will keep the 2GB capacity, while it will arrive in 8 different colors that are blue, green, yellow, pink, ‘slate’, purple, silver and red. The capacity may look short, but it’s enough for a short-distance music player.


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round-it-up, the new iPod touch will have a new ‘Loop’ accessory, available in black and white, white and pink, white and red, white and yellow, and white and blue. The cost will only be $10. The 4th-generation of iPod touch will continue retail for now, and the storage will be doubled to 16GB while the prices remain intact. All these accessories are likely to be available from Apple’s official website after the announcement. What are your thoughts on these accessories?

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