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Download iOS 6 beta 3 10A5355d for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Download iOS 6 beta 3 10A5355d for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Everyone knows that Apple will be launching its latest firmware the iOS 6 by the fall of this year. However, the company has already released the beta version of the firmware for the developers, and they have also had the chance to check out the second beta version as well almost three weeks ago. Now, the third beta version of the iOS 6 has been released by the company, and it takes care of most of the bugs present in the later versions and features some improvements too. Read in order to know more!

download ios 6 beta 3

The third beta version of the firmware was handed to the developers over an over-the-air update. The new version arrives as Build 10A5355d and

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it has been released after three weeks the developers go to check out the second beta version on the Build 10A5338d. Along with fixing some of the bugs that were present in the last two versions, the third beta release also has some new features for the developers to try. One of the new features which it has is a new section in the Settings app for Maps. The features in the new section allows the users to change the volume of the navigation voice present in the app as well as set the distances to display itself in miles or kilometers. Users can also set the map labels to display themselves in the local language or in English. The map labels can also be set as normal or large.

The sole purpose of this release is to fix the bugs present in the previous versions as well as bringing the code closer to what the usual owners of the iDevice will be able to see when the firmware is finally released to the masses. There are still some things which this new release doesn’t even allow developers to use, such as Passbook. It will be available soon in the developers center. What do you

think of all this? Have you had the chance to try this new version out or will you wait when it’s officially released in fall?

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