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Factory unlocked iPhone 5 prices in the United States

Factory unlocked iPhone 5 prices in the United States

The iPhone 5 is finally here and Apple’s media event went as it was planned. The iPhone 5 had most of the features the rumors pointed towards and a lot of analysts say that this is going to be Apple’s most popular release yet. Pre-Orders for the new iPhone started off and the first shipment will be delivered to the lucky customers the coming Friday. Apple has also added the pricing points for the unlocked iPhone 5 in the United States.

The prices cover all the models including the 16 GB, 32 GB, and the 64 GB versions. Some users might prefer paying an advance sum and then paying each month as part of a contract, however, in a number of cases users will be more inclined towards buying an unlocked sixth-generation iPhone that won’t restrict them to one carrier service.
The prices of the factory unlocked iPhone 5 in the United States;

  • 16 GB = $649
  • 32 GB = $749
  • 64 GB = $849

The prices sure do seem a lot and you would probably be thinking you could do a

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lot with that kind of money, but then again this is the latest in smartphones and after all it is the iPhone 5. Not to forget that it’s going to come with the new ‘Lightning’ connector. It’s going to be factory unlocked so there won’t be any worries to update the firmware and baseabands. Are you going to buy the unlocked iPhone? Or on-contract? Feel free to comment!

  1. Is that rumor? because Apple did’t have any info. about Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 on their official site?

    • the mentioned price is for No Contract term, even you have to choose any postpaid plan if you going to take iphone on
      No Contract…

  2. Good if that’s true. Because there are no reasons they have to overrated the phone again. Duh?

  3. if i buy it.. will it work in south america???

  4. Looks like not available for at least a few weeks.. Hope it’s soon though, not going to buy a contract iPhone..

  5. I just talked to apple rep and they confirmed that iphone 5 is not coming out with the unlock version anytime soon so we are stuck with the contract

  6. INDIA release?
    and why it is expensive in Australia

  7. i dont care if apple release the phone in a few weeks because the jailbrake hope will be released at the time of the factory unlocked!

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