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Check out this iOS 6 panorama mode hands-on video!

Check out this iOS 6 panorama mode hands-on video!

One of the expected features in the latest iOS was the Panorama camera mode as mentioned in the media event for iPhone 5. Now the iOS 6 GM seed has been made available, so users can try this Panorama mode on their iPhone 4S as well. We have tried this mode on the iPhone 4S and the functionality works out just fine.

As per the conventional panorama mode, you can move your camera in a continuous mode and the image would itself be merged at the end to form one panorama image. The execution is flawless and one can expect it to be much better in the iPhone 5. Once the panorama mode has been enabled, all you to have to be to move your iPhone and the camera would do its job. This feature can be used to capture scenery.

To access the Panorama mode, simply proceed to the “Options” and then tap on Panorama and it is activated. Many would have to wait until Sept 19th when the iOS is made available to the public. As of now the GM seed has been made available to developers in order to allow them to check for compatibility issues for their apps.

  1. I’m on #teamAndroid and after hearing this feature has just landed on iPhone 5…I just want to ROFLMFAO so bad.

  2. Android sucks ass so bad I had a galaxy s 2 and an evo 3d 4g and they are poor excuses for phones root acces sucks and super user isn’t as great as Cydia or theme it that panorama mode detects scenes at up to 28 mp in capacity so android you mad bro? :D

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