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iPhone 5 gets another hit in the ‘ad war’, this time from a Nokia fan

iPhone 5 gets another hit in the ‘ad war’, this time from a Nokia fan

Samsung made a print ad against the iPhone 5 a few days ago. Apple fan boys made a terrific response. Now a Nokia fan has re-worked the advertisement with a touch of Nokia Lumia 920. The re-worked ad replaces the S 3 with the Lumia 920. Read on for more details.

The Nokia device is claimed as ‘heavyweight champion’ of the wars between smartphones, which has seen a roller coaster ride with patent fights and ad wars.

This new ad is going to be viral very soon, and it’s made by a Nokia fan/ a Windows 8 phone fan. The commercial, which is unofficial, is titled “Flyweight contender, meet the heavyweight champion’, and shows the greatness of Lumia 920 over the iPhone 5. Here’s the concept of the ad via AndroidAuthority.

Let’s see when it goes viral. However, the Nokia Lumia is not

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a light weight phone, and is 73 grams heavier than the latest iPhone. Not many of you would like to hold something that heavy.

However, it has a multi-touch display that can be used with gloves, and supports wireless charging and NFC, maybe a better camera too, if the ad it made on PureView holds any ground.

Apple didn’t implement NFC, because the technology isn’t mature enough according to the company’s marketing head. The wireless charging won’t solve battery issue is it requires another device that plugs into the wall socket. However, comparing Microsoft’s TellMe with Apple’s Siri was a bit too much.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Nokia in the headlines as well. Did the ad war just begun? Feel free to comment!

(Via iDownloadBlog)

  1. nokia is a fucking joke, nano SIM hard to find??? please dude Nokia is history, you people need to deal and make peace with the fact that Apple is top seller and produce top quality phones!

  2. you buy an iPhone just to jailbreak afterwards…

  3. Top seller don’t mean best phone. I’ve been an iPhone fanboy since day one. If you didn’t have to jailbreak it to personalize it (icon formats, etc) would be top dog hands down. The Nokia has a larger, more detailed screen, and yes, since the iphone 5 is the first to use a nano sim (in U.S. anyway) it is relatively more difficult to find one without having to cut to fit. Does the smoother interface of the iPhone merit paying that much more for it? That’s up to each individual to decide.

  4. I find iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in a funny way equivalent to US Politics with the recent advertisement posts

  5. funny nokia
    if u really have ability, you wont have to coorperate with samsung

  6. og good lord finally! someone apple can compete with…about time!

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