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P0sixninja sells iPhone 5 and iOS 6 jailbreak exploits to an Apple employee

P0sixninja sells iPhone 5 and iOS 6 jailbreak exploits to an Apple employee

Recently, we told you about p0sixninja leaving the Chronic Dev Team. This was a big shocker to most of us! There is now another twist in the tale. iJailbreak caught some other tweets that adds to the story.

Jaden from iJailbreak was confused what iBoot 0day was initially. Later on, it was found that it was a $50,000 exploit, and p0sixninja over-exaggerated about selling and exploit and an iPhone 4 for just $50. However, Jaden also noted Paul Pols, a security expert, tweeting some more information about iBoot 0day.

As it turns out, iBoot 0day is a more important exploit than it was initially thought. Why? Because it has the possibility to jailbreak untethered all devices running iOS 6 firmware which includes the upcoming iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple TV 3G (1080p).

The bad news is this exploit appears as it can be patched by Apple with just a firmware update. This means that if the exploit is leaked, it can be patched in the final version on iOS 6. The confusion here is that is p0sixninja really selling the exploit for $50?

The big news from the source is that p0sixninja is currently at Defcon, a massive hacking convention going on in Las Vegas. This is the place where he was trying to sell his exploit of iBoot 0day and the iPhone 5. There are many top corporations that would be present over there, including Apple.

Coming to the present situation, it is said that p0sixninja had a deal done with James Magahern or buzzet on Twitter. Looking at his LinkedIn profile, he is just a programmer. However, the real story comes from Paul Pols, who has discovered he actually got rid of the job at Apple to come for the exploit and iPhone 4 from p0sixninja. When you look at Google’s web cache, it has reference that he was previously employed by Apple.

If James Magahern was still employed by Apple, this situation wouldn’t have risen! But he is an actual programmer. So the situation is worse. The question here to ask is that why did he leave his job at Apple after purchasing the exploit from p0sixninja.

Everyone is thinking that it was better the exploit was given out to other members of the jailbreak community so they didn’t leak it out. As of now, the person who has the exploit can easily sell it away to the fruit company. This means that it would take a long time for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak to come out. Feel free to comment on this post!

  1. Damn.

  2. No wonder he left. What a shady bastard.

  3. KimiReigns says:

    No longer needing a jailbreak, this was a funny story to read :D

  4. Just 50? I would’ve asked for $200000

  5. You mean he tried to sell the iPhone 4 not 5.
    He so sucks.

  6. This is James Magahern’s number…
    1 (408) 657-7448
    Spam him with calls and tell him not to sell it back too Apple!

  7. I’m pretty sure apple has revesed engeneered iOS 6 and eventually they’ll leave an open hole for another exploit thus making a fully untethered jailbreak.

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