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iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S – the full comparison

iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S – the full comparison

The iPhone 5 is here. And yes, I’m going to buy it. I love it. If you’re worried or confused about buying the iPhone 5, the below comparison between the iPhone 5 and the previous-generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, shows you what changes have been made. The table below showing the iPhone 4S on the right and iPhone 5 on the left compares both phones in respect to all features and details you may neet to know.

Of course, we’ve to thank our friends over Engadget for their huge and amazing work. For more details about the iPhone 5, you can visit this post to see all features and details.

So, are you going to pre-order the iPhone 5 or keep on your 4S?

  1. imma stay with the 4s!! I dont see that big of a difference.. with the upgrade of ios 6 i will have pretty much the same thing.

  2. no iam keeping my 4s i think it is great too :) next year will get the i phone 5 :D :D

  3. fuck this i5….

  4. still with iphone 4s .. with i5 you have to wait jailbreak lol

  5. There’s no big difference. Just like every other “revolutionary” Apple device.

  6. Who said I want to do everything with one hand, couldn’t find better excuse for failing!

  7. marketing hype level over 9000

  8. I can do most of that with my jailbreak lmao! ill stick to the 4s

  9. waiting for iPhone 5S .. !! XD

  10. Currently have 3GS. May upgrade once the battery starts to degrade.

  11. Enrico Galli says:

    Difference is just about fashion. If you wanna play cool you need to buy the new one.

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