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People couldn’t spot the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (Video)

People couldn’t spot the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (Video)

The 6th-generation iPhone has gotten some mixed responses. Some really like it, and some think it’s okay. Others don’t even notice the difference! The Jimmy Kimmel US TV chat show went on the street’s to see what the reaction of the average passerby was.

What they did was that they showed a passerby an iPhone 4S claiming that it was the new iPhone 5. This was done more for humor rather than something serious. However, there were a number of people who thought what they were seeing was the new iPhone 5.

Some of the people who were questioned seemed to be not that into technology and gadgets. Surprisingly, one of the people who came in the spotlight was an iPhone 4S user and he himself said that the device he was shown seemed lighter to him. Seems like he came under the placebo effect!

It was fun to see iPhone fans react like that. However, this does raise a question that do people react to the hype and upgrade just because it’s something new, or do they really look at what more they are getting from the upgrade?
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functionality of the iPhone 5 is the same as the iPhone 4S. However, it has a lot more to discover. Would you buy the new iPhone 5? Feel free to comment!

  1. Yes, Because I’m smart enough to tell the difference. I examine the case, buttons and size. These people are simply retarded.

  2. another piece of testing rubbish from Apple, how many is now – yes its a 5-th and will be another Boooooooooooom people will kill self for one of them – my opinion is Samsung Galaxy 3 is TOP 1 on the market on this time not another iPhone ( blablablabla )

    • I really don’t see why all android users have to constantly comment on ever apple video out there saying how they are better. Definitely some kind of ego issue here.

      • I also wonder why iphone haters are prowling the iphone or jailbreak blogs etc. Seems to me there is a bit of envy going on there. I certainly don’t go on other phone blogs and talk them down. If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t be here. Go on admit it, you really do love the iphone ;-)

        • I come here to see how you sheep justify wanting such am unremarkable device for such an unreasonable price. Love your excuses here. It’s always a good ilaugh.

          • If you say that often enough, you’ll start believing it…lol

          • @cd2d3bc26518904c6547643b580089fa:disqus answer me this… being realistic… your never going to use the full all cores of the S3… why waste battery that way… So maybe you love android, and there is nothing wrong with it… just don’t hate on a product you haven’t tried and tested…

            PS. do the drop test between the iPhone and the galaxy s3… and see who survives…

            Peace to android… iOS means no harm… ha ha ha

  3. Samsung 3 S is by far a much better phone once android jelly beans is released. iPhone 5 is just more of the same and their price is not justified

  4. My favorite comment by droid users everywhere is how awesome the droid will be when the next OS will be released. LoL Seems like a standard comment

  5. ubuntucoolness says:

    I asked a friend who wants to buy iphone 5 , what is its cpu ?
    He said me he has an A6 , ok how many ghz ? 1ghz 2?
    He said he doesn’t know .
    It doesn’t matter how fast is its cpu , fanboys will buy it even if it had 500mhz cpu.

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