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People want iPhone 5 more than Galaxy S III according to Samsung’s post on Facebook

People want iPhone 5 more than Galaxy S III according to Samsung’s post on Facebook

Samsung are on the receiving end, from its own users. The iPhone 5 is breaking world-wide records, and looks like the Korean company is desperately trying to steal the spotlight from Apple’s latest handset. They printed an ad as well mocking the iPhone 5.

Another attempt was made, when a trivial question was posted on the Facebook page of Samsung mobile. However, the answers which were expected backfired, and many were in favor of the iPhone 5.

The question was posted on the official Facebook page of Samsung Mobile USA, and the replies would have made the PR department crazy:

If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?

Clearly, people chose the iPhone 5, and the post date was even 5 days before the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone.

Here are some more comments!

iPhone 5 and new iPad.

As much as I love it not my GS3 it’d die in a hour.

Apple iPhone … Any model. The original iPhone is still better than any Samsung product I’ve ever purchased.
Looks like Samsung is Advertising for Apple LMAO.

It doesn’t take a genius ;) Another poll in Australia of 1,400 users by discovered that 63 percent of Samsung customers were looking to make the switch to the sixth-generation iPhone. Exactly 80.6 even said they were planning to buy one. 1 out of 4 American’s have a smartphone, according to Neilsen’s report, and 1 in 3 owners have an iPhone.

Nielsen recently reported that one out of four Americans now have a smartphone, with one in three smartphone owners rocking an iPhone.

Do you think these comments were from Apple fans? Or did Samsung just suffer a great setback? Feel free to comment!

(Via BGR)

  1. People are obviously trolling haha. I am a Apple user, but you can’t take something like that and expect to extrapolate market date from it. Still funny though.

  2. TheProudNoob says:

    My galaxy s3 gets amazing battery life…. The beauty of android is that once you know how to use it, it can do amazing things. (Proud Owner of a CM10 GS3)

    • TheProudNoob says:

      Ha ha ! Even u think its bad and u dont accept it ! :P You are a samsung fan boy ?? samsung is an apple fan boy … this is shit !! android is like my ass :/

  3. This page is shit, stop posting bullshit Jailbreak.

  4. I bought the S3, had to get rid of it, too boring for me, I’m going back to apple!!!!! there’s no point in having good hardware is the software is crap!!!

  5. SwitchedToAndroid says:

    Nice faked posts. Good try Jailbreak.

  6. I got a GS3 when it just released in June. but sold it after 2 weeks because the screen its too big. does not really fit my pocket. and really, the battery is sucks. i have to charge it at least once a day even when no in used…my iPhone 4s. i usually charge it once every 2 days, sometime 3.

    and people..polls like those are not FAKE…!!!!!!

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