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Pod2G is actively working on hacking the iPhone 4S baseband

Pod2G is actively working on hacking the iPhone 4S baseband

Pod2g, the well-known iPhone hacker behind the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak and previous firmwares, is looking forward to hacking the iPhone 4S baseband and getting it unlocked soon according to some tweets from pod2g and the iPhone Dev Team brain member, MuscleNerd. Pod2g concentration was only limited on jailbreak exploits but now it looks like he’ll find baseband exploits too.

Earlier today, pod2g tweeted saying he wasn’t working on an Apple TV 3 jailbreak nor anyone else. Later, after a long conversation between him and MuscleNerd, he pointed to a baseband exploit he found.

As some have found, I am playing with the baseband. Already found a non exploitable DoS. I hope I can find more stuff.

Although pod2g’s achievement is a good start for him, there’s an obstacle stopping him as iClarified stating.

His effort to hack the baseband is being performed from the network side (as opposed to the from within the iPhone) with help from a USRP N210 software radio.

Unfortunately, even if he is successful, any exploit found would need to be triggerable from the main app CPU side to be used in a software unlock.

Pod2g’s work on hacking the iPhone 4S baseband might be pointless for iPhone 4S users but it’s very useful for him as TippingPoint DVLabs Pwn2Own competition in September is offering $100,000 for the hacker who will find a baseband exploit.

Anyway, we can wish pod2g a good luck!

  1. thanks to everyone!!! Pod2g, MuscleNerd, DevTeam

  2. And about the 04.12.01 baseband? It was forgotten? ;,,(

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