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Samsung takes an aim at the iPhone 5 with their new ad

Samsung takes an aim at the iPhone 5 with their new ad

The iPhone 5 is out amid much speculation and it’s much like the rumors said it would be. pre-order stocks have already been depleted and the device is expected to hit the consumer market on 21st September.

Samsung has done something really shocking; their new print ad was unexpected! They have compared their S III with the iPhone 5 and it’s a completely objective comparison and it attacks the iPhone 5 even before its release.

They have shown the iPhone 5 and the S III and their specifications, and on top they have a caption that says: “It doesn’t take a genius” and underneath the comparison there is another tagline saying

“The next big thing is already here Galaxy S III”

Now it’s no secret that the S III is undoubtedly very powerful, and it is a wonderful smartphone. However this move was a bit too much. It seems more like a desperate attempt and such ads might even start an ad war that would prove to be destructive for both companies.

What do you think about this new ad? Was it reasonable for Samsung to do this? Or this is in reaction to the case they lost? The iPhone 5 isn’t even in the market yet. Feel free to comment!

  1. all these ”accesories” that samsung stated under SIII are so lame and pathetic -.-” why do hell do i need picture in picture or turn over to mute, or shake to update???? geez, what a dorks…

    • loool true who wants picture in picture or turn over to mute, or shake to update?

    • You're all morons says:

      Yeah, who wants an OS that’s not locked down an extra .8″ of screen, removeable/extendable/replaceable battery the ability to add 64 more gigs of memory to your phone for under 200$ and an extra gig of ram? That’s just stupid.

  2. this war you are talking about has already been started. Apple is already on the move to take the S3 out of the market for copyright infringement. Apple came directly at Samsung first and Samsung is simply acting in kind. All is fair in love and WAR.

  3. Just goes to show how childish & Jealous samsung can b, playground stuff.

  4. Sent from my Galaxy S3 says:

    How is this considered a desperate attempt to run a truthful ad but not considered desperate for Apple to sue everyone and their mother because they don’t want to innovate in the face of true competition? Do you people know they were selling all the stuff you need to turn your iPhone 4 into an iPhone 5 for around $30 on ebay? Apple is stretching your iPhone 4 and slapping a 600$ price tag on it they’re screwing each and every one of you and you’re loving it. Also, it’s very nice not having to wait for a Jailbreak to do what I want with my phone.

  5. Nice one samsung, completely true.

  6. Apple has CYDIA.. Samsung – PLAY???? .. APPLE WINS!

    • Samsung: nothing, ’cause Android is free and isn’t ilegal change the system and don’t loose your warranty… Apple pls

    • Your argument is invalid says:

      You don’t have to wait for a Jailbreak to do whatever you want with your phone on the android OS.

      • but boy is it worth the wait. There is also a point when you want your phone to work in a simple way. When you like extra features but it’s becoming more of a tool and not a toy. When I tell and show people of all the awesome things you can do with an iPhone, most of them are not interested since their iPhone is already working perfectly fine for them. The main population has no need to tweeks and features.

    • lol Apple Doesnt have Cydia its a Hacked dock where you can get hacked apps. No Wonder if apple gets to know about you using Cydia. you will definately be sued by Apple.

  7. Apple has CYDIA.. There are thousands more features and utiities that can be added via cydia and for me IT makes iPhone the BEST!! … Samsung is alright

  8. Michael Jason says:

    F*** SamSung

  9. ubuntucoolness says:

    It doesn’t take a genius….but you must not be a retard too.

  10. A second generation ipod touch is better than a samsung galaxysiii….and unr talking about iphone 5 vs siii.

    Hardware superiority u say?

    Talk about functionality.
    From note taking to mindmapping to top quality medical apps to games to etc….

    Apple beats it anyday….

    Apple is trully a smart phone…its more than just a phoen…its a complete pocket pc.

  11. When I select a phone – I think about it like I do cars.

    If you only compare the engine size and the number of people it can seat – there isn’t a competition between a 2 door compact car with a 4 Cylinder vs. a 4 door SUV with a V8.

    But why are some 2 door compact cars more expensive than the 4 door SUV? It’s the QUALITY that goes into the MFG process. And also – a bigger SUV requires a bigger engine just to move the damn thing.

    So, I’d rather take a smaller, glass and metal phone with a smaller ‘engine’ than a bigger phone that is made of glass and plastic with a larger engine.

    You don’t see BMW running commercials comparing their products to a Chevy. Although, you do see Chevy running ads comparing their products to BMW. When you try to convince everyone that you are better than another option – you already lost the argument in my opinion. Your product and product quality should speak for itself.

  12. Its a sorry attempt to make their phone look better by throwing up features that their phone has and iphone does not. But what about all the features that iphone has that theirs does not. Java is Slow, and the speed degrades over time. Amoled screens get a small fracture in them and become useless in 2 or more hours. The new maps app is in 3d. (although android will probably snag that too..) All apple products have the best customer support on the planet. If you have an issue and its covered the apple store will fix your issues or give you a new phone. The android phones your only real course of action is to claim them on insurance. What about the experience. Each apple phone has has a very consistent experience. The OS stays fairly the same for each revision. Android has been changing a little bit more each time. and the discrepancies from one android device to another can make a novice pull their own hair out. Yes on the android you can root the phone and gain full access to it. And its a simple process to gain that root. But you can actually for the most part do the same with Cydia. And no it does not ruin the warranty. Worst case scenario you have to reflash the phone back to factory default to get them to warranty it out. I would say that the warranty is in tact in that case. If you root the phone on android most carriers wont help you any longer either. But it does not technically void out the warranty because the android phone warranty never really covered anything in the first place. Its funny how the mobile phone industry has been reduced to political style mud slinging… We have “Turn over to mute” Your iPhone wont let you mute until you press a button. If you our phone in one hand, and your baby in the other you can still mute your phone. Can iPhone do that ? Your iPhone hates babies. Nobody wants a baby hating phone.

    iPhone 5 hates babies. Buy Samsung.

  13. Che zee bellend says:

    At the end of the day iphones are sh#t. It is clear with the iphone 5 Apple are playing catch up with the top end android phones. Apple know this by trying to remove the s3 which they see as a clear threat. Ok the pre orders are massive, but 75% of those people will sell them straight away to make a profit.

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